Pure Magnesia BricksPURIMAG HMB

Pure Magnesia BricksPURIMAG HMB


      PURIMAG is one of the Marvels traditional advantage product for more than 50 years. It was made primarily of pure magnesite of various grades and produced under high pressure pressing and high temperature firing. It has excellent resistance to strong basic slag corrosion, basic steam damage, oxidation reduction as well as favorable thermal conductivity. It was widely used as working lining and safety lining of metal smelting furnace, such as open-hearth furnace, electric furnace, convertor, mixed iron furnace in steel and flash furnace, convertor, reverberatory furnace and ore furnace in non-ferrous industry.

      After pitch impregnation, it is apparent porosity drops and improves in physical properties such as

strength under high temperature. The average drop in A.P is about 5 %, while the bulk density will increase about 0.05g/cm3 , the cold crushing strength up about 20 MPa, and RUL increase about 50℃. The resistance toslag attack and thermal shock also improves substantially.